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Our vision is to provide excellent, quality  care to our communities. To promote wellness in the community. To progress into the future with financial stability while broadening services. To pursue excellence in or quest to the best FQHC in West Virginia.

About Our Company


The E. A. Hawse Health Center, Inc., operates under the direction of a 15 member Board of Directors, which consists of dedicated community members who use our services and support our objectives to provide a non-profit, community-owned health care organization. Authority for the day to day operations of the health center is vested with the CEO, who is responsible for the direction and ultimate supervision of all staff and the operation of the Health Center and its programs.

We believe no one should be deprived of health care at any time, including in times of financial hardship. Therefore in keeping with our mission statement… “TO PROVIDE HIGH QUALITY, AFFORDABLE, COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CARE TO ALL PEOPLE”, we strive to meet the health care needs of every member of your family at every stage of life. Our quality health care offers patients easy access to care without financial barriers, involvement in treatment decisions, coordinated services and dignity and respect.

Since 1981 there have been a lot of changes, adding services and expanding the service area, making sure that Mr. Edgar A. Hawse’s vision of providing healthcare to the citizens of Hardy County and the surrounding area is done.

Our values guide us and define how we conduct business.  It drives us that we can make a difference through what we do and how it is done.  The acronym “WE CARE” covers our values.







The Timeline of Our History

Patient Expectations

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